3:30 polarity

jimisimij-023:30 AM, one of my favorite times to write. Things seem much quieter and clear in the middle of the night. It’s not that I don’t like the day, I definitely enjoy the sunshine and being with people sometimes. But at this time, in particular, it seems the noise of the day has gone to bed. … so on with the pouring out of words.

The acceptance of things. Changing one’s life on purpose for an intended positive outcome is great. Not that I do it all the time or that I’m successful every time I’ve tried it but I must say that I have before. On the contrary, sometimes it’s just as good to accept a thing in your life and to go with the flow. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re working on your “Chosen plan”. If you arrive at your destination, everything beforehand, good or bad, was a part of your path. I suppose I’m working on my own timeline and timer.

At 47 I admit that I am still figuring out how to be the authentic version of myself so that I am comfortable striving and comfortable allowing. I try to keep those two things in balance. I would like to advise the reader that I am just writing and discovering my own thoughts. This is not by any means a rant or directed at anyone in particular.… Well in a way I guess it is directed at me but I am choosing to share this journal entry with the world. This is what I’m creating the most of lately so I want to share it with the populace, I think that’s what an artist does and kind of what some art is for, Sharing. Writing, of course, is an art form and these words are in fact a work of art. Not all artwork makes it to the Guggenheim or to someone’s living room wall or coffee table. I’m using the Internet because it’s what I have available now and it’s readily accessible to me. I can sit on my back porch, hit the send button and this work of art can be experienced by people all over the world. I think that’s amazing. I enjoy that concept at least. Whether it’s read by a million people or 12 people… or even less than that. Over time, you never know who may be drawn to it.

Accepting your life as it is and knowing there’s still a point you’re heading to for some purpose vs noticing something you want to change and doing it on purpose to make your life go somewhere for a purpose.

I don’t always like using sheer willpower to do things. There’s a book called “power versus force” that talks about this. There are different kinds of allowing and yet the allowing is the same thing. You can allow someone to use you to their benefit in a negative or positive way. You can allow the creative forces of the universe to use you for positive or negative things as well. The allowing is the same. You can use your will to control others or you can use your will to control yourself. The willpower is the same. What I’m getting at here is the polarity of the type of energy.

I love to sit and think about these things and even more so I love to see them appear on the page. That’s one thing I’m sure I am “passionate” about, or at least it’s something I can do well and comes easily to me and I like that. So I guess I should focus on the polarity of how I write and distribute these things. I do realize not everyone wants to have something like this show up in their “inbox” but if it’s packaged between two hardcovers it’s a masterpiece. Maybe that’s the polarity of the thing with the intention for which it is written.

I just have to think/believe there must be some reason all these words are being written. And I must implore you to understand this is not a lashing out or cry for help or anything like that at all. I actually enjoy this process, I like to think and discover the thoughts of my own mind or perhaps better stated, connecting to the openness of our collective consciousness and transcribing what I find. Who knows what it is?

I’m sure some won’t get past the first couple sentences others may read to the end. To me, it matters not. And this is where I will leave that✨ this particular writing is a mixture of content and consciousness, emotion, and wisdom.

There’s the main course in here and the side dish. Just get what you need, you don’t have to clean the plate✨

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