3:30 again .. Mulligan…

jimisimij FB cover-03It appears to be that time again. I wonder where we will go tonight 🙂 So on with the pouring out of words…

I can like all kinds of people. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a millionaire or poor and homeless, I know there can be something to be learned from everyone and also, sharing conversations with all types of people is stimulating to me and fills our being with experience and knowledge that helps us grow. It is written in the Bible that even Jesus did such things as consorting with the downtrodden and the misfits as well, if not more often.
It’s interesting that Jesus has come up, because I have always found it fascinating how Jesus’s life turned out. I’m talking about the end story. He was violently murdered. WTF… That outcome was always curious to me. How could the Lord of Lord and the King of all kings not stop a group of people from killing him. Maybe it’s because he didn’t need to. Maybe it’s because he realized his story and message was more important than his own life.

 Sometimes I think Jeshua (I believe that is the Hebrew version of his name) may have faked his death. I mean if anybody could’ve pulled it off, he could have :-).  So he let these people get it all out, abuse him, release all their frustrations towards him and then he transmuted it into the light. He washes clean those negative energies instead of directing it back towards another person. Once he’s off the cross he heals himself and continues on his journey. There are actually whispers of stories that say he traveled to the east, the Far East, to live out his final days in peace. Look it up if you’re interested.

When people say “what would Jesus do” I don’t know if they always really have a grasp on that. I personally feel that Jesus truly lived life in full awareness of others, at least in regards to how he directed his energy. He must’ve been fully aware, I’m sure we can all agree on this, that his feelings and the energetic content of them when projected, has an effect on other human beings. So he was very careful with this aspect of his life. Why else would his message have been so focused on compassion and treating people with kindness and respect.
I feel a lot of people are unaware of this. When you point at someone and yell, it’s like a gun piercing into that person energetically and whether either one of you realize it or not it’s affecting that person. It’s like the opposite of singing happy birthday.  One day I’m sure we will get on the topic of music and how important I think that is but will save that for another day. 

Seems like the point of this pouring out of words is that a perfect life is relative to the one living it. And if you have a golf ball size awareness, you will have a golf ball size consciousness and you golf ball size of experiences. Conversely if you have a Beach ball sized awareness, you will have a beach ball size consciousness and you will have a beach ball size of experiences. ( I can’t take full credit for that last part. Dr. Joe Dispensa actually said something a lot like that) he’s cool too, look him up.
OK it’s 4:00 that’s my 30 minutes at 3:30… 🙂 peace and blessings✨


2 thoughts on “3:30 again .. Mulligan…

  1. Thought provoking and engaging. Thanks for sharing your insights. It is always such an honor to read your work. What you are doing is motivation for me to delve into my writing again…Your sparkling energy is indeed contagious. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow that’s great Cheryl! I was reading a friend of mine’s blog and it inspired me to write as well.… Keep it going!!!


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