don’t Believe in me…?

Is there anyone in the world who still believes in me?
I said to myself reluctantly.
When I cry is it always just to gain sympathy?
Am I allowed to hurt anymore
must I refuse to bleed?
Is perfection so coveted that I cannot be free?
I’m a human, being human,
What’s so hard to believe.

Oh you’ve got a good thing going, don’t want to mess it up with me.
You say I won’t make it to heaven even God wants no part of me?

If you need someone to crucify,
go cut down a tree,
And make yourself a cross,
the perfect size for me.
I’ll even climb up there,
’cause you’re as clever as can be
But you’ll never break my spirit
I’m a warrior for peace.

I have been here many times,
I have crossed galactic seas.
This body is a vessel,
This life is just a tease.
The truth will always be the truth, no matter what we believe.

And when the fire in the night
burns all of these dry leaves,
I’ll be standing tall and bright
Still here, still strong, still free.
I live the life that I decide,
Because I believe me.

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