A Catalyst for change.

Moments of peace … transform Infinity. 

This is me today, …on with the pouring out of words…. how can I say, I’m better than this, when this is who you are now, and I am is also who you are now?

 Time is a construct of the human mind. What we see is only one moment stretched into Infinity, constantly changing, constantly transforming. its mode of existence is even a constant decision, a choice to remain as is, in the now. You are all here by choice. You all stay here by choice and you all leave by choice. 
  Such a statement is an indication that the individual desires a change. The inflection of the statement would indicate that the individual desires a change for the better and is somewhat surprised by this behavior therefore leveraging a change through polarity. This will transform an individual’s energy. This will create a paradigm shift in the mind. This has been done for millions of years, by many people. It is a catalyst for innovation and change. It is a key that unlocks the minds deeper possibilities .

One thought on “A Catalyst for change.

  1. Excellent, thought provoking, inspiring post ā¤ Thanks for always sharing your wisdom, light & love Jim šŸ™‚


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