dream walking at midnight

The night at its darkest, when all the world seems to be asleep, we can rest from the emotional tidal waves that sometimes hurl us around in the day. They say don’t talk about it, they say people won’t understand or can’t understand, I’m not sure I do half of the time. 

 There was a time in my life when the mysterious and seemingly magical was all too real and now it seems to have faded like the print on a page of 1000 year old book. True when printed, the writing has had time to fade and is hard to read yet the truth of it still remains.  

I’m here to tell you I have experienced the truth of interdimensional beings, speaking to passed loved ones, being around the most amazing and kind people who can see and feel your many energy fields. People who can visualize and literally “see” any place on this planet, including inside of your body. Once experienced it’s an undeniable truth. Proving it, however can take years. I have studied the craft of energy healing with good results and a decent level of success in this arena. And I also have come to realize I have nothing to prove to anyone about it, however I do feel the need to stand up for my beliefs and my friends who practice this. I know what I have experienced. So if you see Michael Jordan play basketball and then you pick up a basketball and say “I can play basketball too just like Michael Jordan” you can see how that’s both true and false. Yes you can play basketball but you cannot play basketball like Michael Jordan plays basketball. Just because I can’t slam dunk does not mean I did not see Michael Jordan slam dunk, nor doesn’t mean I can’t play basketball at all. It’s the same thing with energy healing modalities, there are beginners and there are experts who have been doing it for many, many, many years. I’m not even here to provide proof, there is plenty on the internet and out there in the world if you just look for it you’ll find it.

 All I ever wanted, my whole life, was to be free to be me. I’m not gay, or woman trapped in a mans body,  or any popular minority. I’m not even sure you can call me a white guy… I’m other. I don’t often feel the need to define myself.

 People ask me why I write these things and post them on the Internet. It’s because not many people want to talk to about that kind of stuff for more than a minute, maybe they’re not interested and that is ok of course. So I like to write this way, uninhibited expression feels good to me, its a decompression of sorts. I’m not hurting anyone, in fact I try not to ever hurt anyone on purpose. I believe there is a saying that says “if you can’t help anybody at least don’t hurt anybody.” 

 thats where I’ll leave it …oh boy … that’s not just the pouring out of words. 🙂

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