breathing… grounding…

With each breath, I know that I am alive. I feel a cool breeze brush across my face as I sit in a chair, with my shoes off, bare feet resting on the Earth. There is a rush of energy as my body’s charge moves into balance with the Earth, grounding into the Earths electromagnetic field and circuitry. In just a minute or two I feel the difference.  Tuning into nature and Earth’s natural rhythms.  Kind of like a natural electromagnetic vitamin. Grounding. When a balance is maintained the journey is long and fruitful. Life is a balance.
On with the pouring out of words… life itself is a continuous balance of give-and-take in many modalities. Chemical reactions, polarity matching, pressure balancing, the exchange of nutrients and so on. Everything has its give-and-take. Everything maintains a balance with something else. You could also say that everything has a price of exchange. If you would wish for this to happen you must do this first. Once you have balanced, you can maintain order. With each step, it may become more complex yet it actually becomes easier through mastery. It’s the foundation that is important. That is why grounding is important. It helps create the foundation of your life.


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