good bye 2017… Hello 2018 :)


What’s up Knoxville, TN…2017?  This is where I spent most of it… I started this blog this year, let’s see if I can keep this one going for another year. It has proven to be a little raw on the edges but It’s me coming out of the shell and I like it. This blog is more of me writing down my feelings and not really an informational on a great local coffee shop or where to go for the best burger in town. I have so many journals at home, however, this is different writing in a blog because everyone can read it. It’s a way I can connect what I create to the people. Am I looking for attention? Sure, in part at least. I’m posting it in public spaces, of course, want people to read it if they feel drawn to it. I’m looking to connect somehow and at the same time to let go. Wonder what journey these writings will take me in 2018.

Thank you for Everything 2017. I learned a lot this year, It’s been revealing and humbling. I do appreciate any feedback given so anyone who has read and even commented, Thank you very much!! If you do happen to read any of my blog entries this year, don’t be shy, like or comment to say Hi. It would be nice to know who are the peeps reading my works and what you think or feel about it. So as I say goodbye 2017 I’m very grateful for all of its little treasures. I wanted to make sure I gave 2017 a proper farewell on my blog just to mark the year and make it official.  A few things happened this year that made me want to be a better person in 2018. Good things with positive motivation.  So with a clear and determined mind to learn these new things, I’m sure I will. I’m going to engage life some more this year and get back into the flow even deeper.  I’m getting my plan together as I have in the past and keeping my eye on where I’m going.  So if I have offended you this year I sincerely apologize. Everyone who has helped me in some way, I give thanks to you.  I may have said this before but life is long, In fact, it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do.  And here again, for the end of the year, I’ll say for anyone who may read these posts. Sometimes it’s personal, sometimes they are just me playing around with an idea to see how much I can write.  Sometimes it’s my own personal journal that may be old but something good I want to share.  Sometimes I’m just freestyling. This is my word gallery of sorts.  I would like to start writing some short stories and get them up here… Maybe do some slam poetry. I can be better this year. Maybe I’ll even finish a book…    Goodbye 2017,  hello 2018.

Much love.  Jimmy DiLuzio20171225_132616.jpg


2 thoughts on “good bye 2017… Hello 2018 :)

  1. Thank you for always sharing your heart, soul, and spirit so openly Jim ! You are such a profound writer & artist. So proud that you are my Brother <3. Keep up the wonderful work, you are a true inspiration.


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