One direction…

The more honestly I look into myself, the better I can learn to choose wisely.

Everything in life comes down to a choice, a decision to act. How can my choices gain more momentum and positive energy for more satisfaction in life and also for the benefit of others?… on with the pouring out of words.

…It is the polarity\ perspective of that choice which decides the direction the answer will come from and the direction the actions will go. That is the law of attraction. A simple yet focused intention can rudder a decision into great heights of successful action or into the depths of the fears you may have on the subject. And yes enough is as good as a feast, either way. There only needs to be enough force to overcome that which is opposing the direction of travel. Meditation can help us keep an eye on that level to know where it is and which direction is moving at all times.

Also remember we are all co-creating, As you choose to co-create with another person, those decisions also affect their lives as well and they come from a particular perspective that also guides the course of the outcome. If you are creating positive changes in your own life, that should, in turn, have a similar effect on someone else’s. You have gotten everything you needed this year exactly when you needed it. Yes? Looking back you can see everywhere you were supported in alignment with your choices and your expectations. It takes an energy potential equal to or greater than the level of fear you desire to overcome. You must stay the course with a diligent focus to maintain a conscious direction when you are trying to redraw the map. By doing the thing you are afraid of, the fear will eventually dissipate and neutralize the effect it has on any actions in the future.

Notice that all the choices you have made brought you to this point. Whenever you start any Journey you have to start from where you are. Look and feel where you are in life now. This place is where you make your decisions and choices from. It is your general state of mind and condition that is the foundation of how your choices will affect you.

Meditate regularly to become familiar and to understand the inner workings of your own mind. The unconscious workings that provide the perspective that all decisions are made from unless we are making conscious decisions moment-to-moment.

We typically relate new choices to the old choices we have made to have some sense of value to our choice, either to avoid something that caused us pain or to go towards something that made us feel pleasure.  It’s when you begin to think about your feelings you get confused,  feelings are there to be felt, they’re kind of like blinkers on your automobile.  Your left blinker signals you’re going to turn left, you’re right signal shows you intend to turn right. The people driving around your vehicle see those blinkers and act accordingly. If you are not using blinkers or if you turn right when you have your left blinker on it can affect people on the road negatively. This is a good analogy of what co-creating is all about. If you are driving erratically people will avoid driving next to you and it is on this level of thinking/acting that we should be more responsible for how our decisions are affecting others choices. If these decisions always happen automatically and unconsciously then we will travel the road being led by our past influences. There’s another way, a more conscious way to choose. If we meditate enough to become familiar with the inner mind you can actually make more decisions consciously and we can change our behavior for the better and achieve a more desirable outcome for all involved. All you have to do to be aware is to care,  …about others …and your self.  One love.

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