Timing… and Time…

48 in 2018. This is where I am today. This new year, I’m looking forward to it. I want to learn and create this year. Positive growth from hard work and diligence.
It’s interesting when starting off writings of this sort, I made a commitment to myself that I was going to do this regularly. With my main focus on being honest, sharing with emotional content and creating posts somewhat regularly. Writing is something I like to do and that’s why I do it. For me I know, it’s better out than in. I find this writing mode similar to going to the gym. It’s like practice. So on with the pouring out of words…

Extrapolating from the title of the piece and the prelude, there is a common thread. Each person’s life will be a particular amount of time inside of the cycle of all time and as I’ve said before. I believe each person has a choice. Not just a choice of what, but a choice of when, and that can make all the difference.

The right decision at the wrong time is the wrong decision. Over time, we manage to culminate experiences so that we can choose effectively and in the right timing. If one takes too long to choose, that is itself a choice, hopefully, a lesson is learned

The second half of this is the balance, everything in the universe is striving for balance, it seeks to fill a void. And sometimes that is a mechanism in people that drives us, trying to fill a void inside of ourselves, with something, to feel whole. when really what may be better is to accept things the way they are and see that the void is a part of who we are at that time.

I don’t mean to pretend to be smart or to have all the answers. I’m just putting words together. Is this stuff wrong or right? Sometimes I don’t know what I wrote until I read it. I suppose it’s all just my opinion and how I feel.


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