Beautiful rain, blue moon, eyes wide open…


When it seems the wind isn’t blowing, and the rain falls straight down. No lightning… no thunder… just a splashing water sound.

Such a peaceful moment, the whole world seems so calm. I close my eyes, my soul abides, as I touch my heart with my palm.

The downpour slows to silence, my heart is filled with grace. The clouds divide, a blue moon shines, it’s light upon my face.

Now the moon is bright and glowing, as the clouds float gently by. My heart is full, my mind is clear, my eyes are open wide.

A vision has returned to me. My soul burns like a fire. A path laid out in front of me, to fulfill my heart’s desire.

A wait that seemed as long as time has finally come to pass. To find out what you truly seek, all you have to do is ask.

One thought on “Beautiful rain, blue moon, eyes wide open…

  1. Poignant & introspective. Another masterpiece indeed, Jim !!! ❤ Your work is gaining momentum through your gifting and williness to share what you see, even when it is unseen and unheard by others. Thank you for all that you do & being exactly who your are ! 🙂


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