Jimi deconstructed…

One story, one poem, one line, one word…

Are all one moment. None of them define me as a whole.

All of these things are part of me, and may even be at the heart of me.

But they are not both the finish and the start of me.

As I’ve stated many times before this is where I express myself.

This is where I keep it raw. This is where I’m fearless with my talents.

I’ve been around the world a bit, I’ve had my fair share of experiences, good and bad.

Failures and successes. Victories and defeats.

I’m almost 50 years old and if I lived to be 96, I could live my whole life over again.
I’ve reinvented myself before, and I’m sure I will do it again.

Resilience and creativity are at the core of me.

I’m grateful for life and I’m grateful for my abilities.

Grateful for life so grateful indeed.

Drifting away like a kite off of string. High above the trees, lost in the breeze, I don’t belong to anything.

Awake in my mind and asleep to the world. More than you can see, yet smaller than a flea, this contemplation has me in a swirl.

How can I be a part of a life that on the edges has me electrified. I am more than anyone can see, also invisible to me but not beyond all of my senses.

Calming confusion encircles my mind. A delicate happiness, not quite misery, More afraid to live than ever dare to die, never asking why, not afraid to wait.

For all things come to a focus eventually.

And then Joy comes to me, as quick as can be, with a sting like a bee, and a sweet melody …of a life

drifting on the breeze

…so free.

That’s me


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