the river of life…

It’s been said that you cannot step into the same river twice. Because the river flows, the water that was in this spot yesterday is downstream today. The riverbed is like our physical body and the river is our spirit and soul flowing through us. I am a firm believer in the energetic component of humans, however you want to describe it,scientifically, spiritually or religiously, there’s more to us than what we can see.

We have the ability to adapt and overcome our situations and circumstances. Of course there are all the physical actions and positive intentions we can align with to achieve our goals and make a change in our lives. So where does the element of prayer come in? Is it necessary to have a belief in God? That is a loaded question because God means different things to different people. So I think that depends on the kind of life you want to live. Some people are more spirit focused than others. Not wrong or right, it’s just another thing that we as humans can choose to have in our life or not. I think one of the main reasons that religion or spirituality exists is for the ascension of the soul and the coexistence of humans in peace and harmony.  People are people, every profession and archetype of life has its good and bad. Just because you’re a doctor or a preacher doesn’t make you a good person and just because you ride a motorcycle and have tattoos doesn’t make you a bad person. As I’m sure we all know sometimes the world can be a very rough place and it’s good to be prepared for that. So we as human beings also need to know how to protect ourselves and survive in this world. That means knowing how to provide shelter and food, earn a living to support oneself and or one’s family and to be able to protect ourselves from danger. Next one should also learn how to articulate ideas, and communicate with others as well. When all of our basic needs are met and we get into communication with each other that is another level of existence. And if you have figured out your survival needs, your anxiety goes down and your mind can expand in a different direction. You have spare time to communicate for the purpose of sharing ideas and developing personal interests that are not so necessary but are more a preference to make life more enjoyable.

We as humans are very complex organic machines yet we are comprised of very simple components. On a physical level we are just a pile of ingredients; carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and so on. It is our energy that brings life into this physical body. That energy is what we commonly refer to as the soul or spirit. Our heart beats to a rhythm , but how does it know how fast to go? How can we tell we need to take a breath? And so many other functions that go unnoticed. We are linked to our planet and our sun, they are all connected in a dance that we share as well because we are on this planet circling the sun and that helps us to stay alive and create the rhythms of life. Our emotional states can be the same, meaning they can be on auto pilot as well. As we grow our brain and nervous systems, neural pathways develop and form our personality and even our character. These neural pathways are formed and represent the choices that we have made from the circumstances that we have experienced. Typically once these pathways have formed we go through life being that person. Every once in a while we will decide that we need to change and so we re-organize our neural pathways, we tend to think of it more as needing to create new habits and eliminating the old habits. Focus and determination are needed for this. Basically it is repetition, commonly referred to as practice. You do the same thing over and over until it becomes a habit. Good or bad that is the alchemy of a permanent change. You don’t need to be good or bad to make these changes however your intention during this process will overlay the polarity of the outcome.

So what’s this all about? This is me, being me. I’m fascinated by life and how very amazing we are as human beings. Creatures of this planet, creatures of the universe.… Created by God? Well we were created by something, whether it was something outside of us or we created ourselves through the natural rhythm of millions of years of evolution and it’s pretty freaking cool that we are here as we are. We have a body and mind that we can go out into the world with and do things with. I’m just another one of those billions of people who have existed over the years however; I am a sovereign being, I have no enemies and I am in awe by our existence.

2 thoughts on “the river of life…

  1. Very profound Jim !!! <3ing this & your freedom to thought to articulate those things that are birthed through spirit with creativity & flair from the core. Keep on doing what you do & being you. 🙂 Peace & Love to you… Namaste'


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