I don’t claim to be enlightened or smarter than anyone. I’m very curious about our true nature. Is there “more than meets the eye” to life. I can admit there is little I really do know for sure, however, the things I am sure about really point to the fact that there is something more and that we can find this out our selves thru direct experience. I’m confused by blind faith, to me that seems inconsistant with the knowing of truth. Are we creators..? Is god a being, or a force we can guide, or just a concept to help us feel secure about not knowing what lies beyond death. Sometimes It seems like we are all gods in training. My intention is not to blaspheme but to seek the divine in all beings and to know. If god is in every thing and all of us, then we are all god … yes/no? what do you think?

No biggie, just some of the stuff I think about on a sunday morning :).

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