Pull around to the second window please… story of my life.

As I am Ubering through a McDonald’s drive-through I realize, something is a bit off, @$&# …and here I am at a terror barrier again.

Interesting, it’s usually some fear of the unknown. I am juggling a few critical elements. But I’ve been here before. I’m no stranger to chaos for sure. In fact my life has had its fair share of challenges. My family’s close but not too close, geographically and socially. We don’t talk much, but we love each other and keep each other in good thoughts.

My father died when I was three. We all moved from Delaware, where I was born, to Florida and then to South Carolina where I graduated high school. My mom raised three kids by herself. She definitely did the best she could. I’m honored to be her son. My Mom taught me to be kind and curious, to be a survivor and a warrior for peace.

I left home at 18 and joined the army, I got married when I was 20 and had my first kid when I was 23 and my second at 28. Spent about 7 years in the army where I did a myriad of interesting things and got to travel the world a bit.

Now I’m 48, divorced, raised two wonderful girls that are living on their own. I’ve got a good job as a Graphic artist and own a home. I’m approaching 50 as a bachelor. I didn’t really see that coming but I guess life is an adventure. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I have an interesting perspective on life. I think it’s because I grew up traveling kind of like a gypsy, where I met lots of people from different cultures all through my younger years. And I’m writing today because my emotions are flowing. That’s always a good time for me to write or be creative. I made a commitment to myself to write whatever, whenever I felt inclined to share on this blog. So, for anyone that wants to really know me, they can read these blogs. These pages are a mirror reflecting my pure consciousness. Whatever it is I just let it out.

My intention was to eventually break into stories and poems and things of that nature. I’ve got a few of those in here. However and also, I am an emotional being so, every once in a while, I emote with it…LOL. Don’t worry though, I’m just a human being, being human. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, it’s how you handle it that matters. When things are thrown up in the air and chaotic, if focus is applied, there is a high potential to redirect for positive change. This is where I excel, in the unknown.

Time to make a wish…

One thought on “Pull around to the second window please… story of my life.

  1. Wow, Jim !!! ❤ I am always inspired and enlighted by your work / art craft / gifts. You are a poignant & prolific artist & highly creative being. Thanks for your willingness to share the essence of how you see the world because your words brighten & frame the perception of how others can view the world. Lets have a talk tonight. 🙂 Great love & peace to you My Brother…

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