A year ago it started here…

img_0134I wish every single day could be a vacation. One day off, sets me right up for a morning liberation. I got prostitutes in the basement calling for my emancipation. If you understand that, you understand my frustration. That’s nice, I appreciate you smiling because I rhymed it and how you nod your head because of the clever way that I timed it. Now I’m going to hide something in hopes that you can find it. This year I’m gonna polish it, because last year I had to grind it.  So I’m back in the cockpit looking at the horizon, and I don’t give a shit who this might be surprising. It’s time for me to fly so I’m getting my bye-byes in. Thank you, come again, …all in perfect timing. This is not meant to stimulate a knee-jerk reaction, my only intention is to gain some satisfaction, maybe it’s because I lack enough social interaction, which is offset by my personality being split up into fractions.  Now wait a minute, this may stem from a deeper psychosis, but for too long these words have been my verbal thrombosis, so quit sweating me like I have emotional halitosis. Listen to what I’m saying y’all ’cause I’m the one who wrote this.


I posted this a year ago on Facebook. And that’s when I decided to make this blog. I wanted a concentrated version of my thoughts in writing that could be a little more raw and pure. where I could feel comfortable to just say whatever. I wanted the world to find me not just the town I live in. There has got to be others out there who can empathize. I’m putting out the call.

So if you know me and you are reading these blogs, there is a good chance some of these may relate to you. but also, some of what I post is also pulled from my journals of the past. I have a bookshelf with at least 20 old journals that are full of gems. so help me out, like and share my blog so I can reach more people. I want to build an audience that is larger than my backyard. I am putting adds for my blog as well but I’m not selling anything I’m only trying to share my art with the world.  Expansion is the word for the rest of the year.

3 thoughts on “A year ago it started here…

  1. This if FIRE Jim !!! The mad creative genius that is YOU strikes again. ❤ Your work, art,, & gifitings are truly a breath of fresh air. 🙂 Transparent truth at its absolute best. Picturesque poetry & prose in smooth motion.

    Liked by 1 person

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