the golden hours …

It seems no matter how bad of a day I may have, watching the sunset by the water always brings about a feeling of peace and calm in me.

Watching the colors change, hearing the water break on the shore…the reflections twinkling and sparkling a beautiful red orange golden light while the sky turns pink and blue in it’s transition to darkness as night falls.

This time in nature connects me back to the source, back to mother earth as I realize everything is as it should be. And I know once again, in my heart, that my soul is unbreakable.

That’s just my take on my feelings. Do we have a soul? Yes, I think so. to put it simply I believe soul is just who you are really, whatever that means to you.

At the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, I may not be a smart man but I know what love is. And when I speak about love I mean allowing others to be who they are. Meeting people where they are in conversations and discussions. To me love is freedom, not possession. Love is giving, not taking. In fact, the only love you may ever have is the love you have for yourself that you share with others, because you cannot give what you don’t have.

That is not the whole story though. We have of course created this word love to describe how we feel about another person or situation or even our favorite food or place to be. People are meant to be together we are meant to flourish and proliferate and experience this world and each other.

I’m not so foolish to believe that tomorrow everyone on planet earth is going to get along peacefully or if that is even possible, but I do know I can achieve that in my own mind. I can be at peace …for now that is good enough for me.

With so much unrest in our country and even in my hometown, I try not to add fuel to the fire that seems to be consuming our great country, However I will not sit back and allow injustices and the miss treatment of other humans to happen right in front of my eyes and do nothing. “All that needs to happen for evil to persist is that good men sit back and do nothing.” “When bad men combine, good men must also organize. ”

I would ask the reader to allow my words to be as they are, and I ask to not be judged to quickly. Try to imagine what I mean to convey. Try to imagine what I feel. My intention is to express and understand what it means to have a life and share it with other people.

Here I sit at the end of another day, In quiet contemplation of all the good and bad that exists in the world, that very possibly may have always existed and maybe always will. One thing I do know is we are all on this planet, this is the only one we have for now. Let’s take care of it and let’s take care of each other.

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