just love….nbd

Love is the Moonlight when viewed from inside, it lights up the dark, no need to hide.

Love is a tempest when viewed from afar, it rips and tears it bruises and scars

The love you bring others is also your own. When kindness is given, kindness is shown.

Love Is Love,  there are no levels.

To divide it, diminishes its strength.

To add to it, dilutes its potency.

When we realize the love spring inside of us, we should drink from it often, bath in it daily and let it rain on the Earth whenever we can…On with the pouring out of words.

I will admit these days I’m not sure what love is. That is not a commentary on other people, that is me being honest with myself.

I love my friends, I love my enemies… But how much do I love myself?

I write to express what I feel inside, to understand it myself even. I do realize that there are far more people being kind and considerate and trying to be “good” than there are who are inconsiderate and hateful. These feelings trapped inside of me have been there for a while.

I try to work through them because I do want to be in a relationship, however right now I am just not ready to bring this to someone else, It would not be fair to bring confusion and only half of my heart to a woman. I’ve still got work to do and I know that, so friendship is all I can offer theses days. Once I get that down, and only then will I begin to look for a serious, romantic relationship. The last thing I ever want to do is to hurt someone emotionally, or confuse someone because of my hesitation caused by the fact that I don’t really know what I want yet.

The good thing is I have learned to be patient, that is definitely a virtue I possess. So for now I will be patient with myself. And I will learn to love myself. Then and only then will I reach out for another to join me in what I consider the most intimate journey anyone could take.

3 thoughts on “just love….nbd

  1. YES, YES !!!! I totally get this & can truly identify. Keep moving forward into evolution, knowing that you you are becoming the best version of yourself and karma / the Universe/ Creation will bring the only the best for you because it comes through you. Whenever you decide what you truly want– it will all rush forward to meet you on your journey. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing the best of who you are with candor and eloquence. ❤ ❤ PS: You should write a screen play or get busy with that live action animated series. Peace & Blessings to You on this lovely fall day.

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    1. I have been toying with the idea of writing a weekly or monthly science-fiction series. I have the pilot written, I’m hesitant because I will then have to write one every week. But it may be time for that. Putting all this personal stuff on the Internet is getting a bit much.


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