✨Arcturus Galaxian 💫

The story of Arcturus galaxian.

The inter-dimensional Samurai astronaut Arcturus Galaxian is needed once again.

A story of life and the universal human condition.

The story takes place in multiple levels of existence on the planet Earth and the surrounding energetic galactic cluster.  At times Arcturus galaxian is just like you and me, a regular human being, and at other times he’s a multi-dimensional warrior.

It is a story of passion, universal drama, and adventure. One man’s personal journey intertwined with the journey of the cosmos; love, passion, adventure… comedic chaos, and curious excitement all the while gaining wisdom in great realization and understanding of multilevel existence.

This is his search for love and happiness, providing justice while protecting and serving the galaxies ascension and positive transmission of Energies… Arcturus Galaxian is needed once again…

It’s early morning the sun has not come up. Arcturus galaxian is preparing for his day in his normal way…

stay tuned each Wednesday for an episode of ✨Arcturus Galaxian💫

2 thoughts on “✨Arcturus Galaxian 💫

  1. YES !!!! Looking forward to the next episdoe in the series. ❤ Have you begun work on the action figure animated / comic book series that we discussed some time ago? I hope so. So much greatness within you Jim until you cannot prevent your works from coming forth with life and personality that is powerful & unique. ❤ ❤


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