✨Arcturus Galaxian✨1:1💫 Remember who you are…

img_0537Arcturus Galaxian is needed once again… …remember who you are..!!

It’s early morning the sun has not come up. Arcturus galaxian is preparing for his day in his normal way. Greeting the sun in respectful solitude he remembers that today is the one-year anniversary that he lost his best friend, Perseus J. Galaxian.

They met in their younger years at the Galaxian Academy of Universal Justice and Peace.

To fully understand the story you must know, at this moment Arcturus and Perseus are not in corporeal form. You may think of it as them existing as pure energy, spirit form ethereal bodies on the astral plane. This is an existence nonetheless. Here is where I learned and studied what kind of experience I wanted to have on earth to have the best knowledge base for being a true protector of all beings in my galactic cluster.

This would not be my first time attending the earthbound classroom. It was also not Perseus’ first time, in fact, this was one of the reasons we were selected to go to the galactin Academy. Perseus and I had been to Earth many times before. We have an extensive knowledge base that many different incarnations have taught us. We have both been men and women, we have experienced happiness, joy, rage, and hatred. We have been great humanitarians and also skilled assassins. We have run the gamut of human emotions and now we have been selected to be protectors and stabilizers of the galaxy itself.

We were just about to finish school and I failed out of my last block of instruction. Perseus graduated before me as I was held back. My class entered into some dangerous situations on their first assignment and were all killed. As I sat In my room looking out the windows at the vastness of space my best friends… brothers and sisters were putting their lives on the line as I sat and pondered existence once again. And that’s when I receive the call to my room.

The Academy commander came in and said “Arcturus, I have something to tell you, …your intended battle mate, Perseus, died fighting on his first assignment. I’m so sorry to tell you. The mission was a setup, almost everyone in your class was killed. It is a tragedy for sure but look on the bright side, the fact that you failed out of your last block of instruction has kept you in the flow and that is also the reason why am asking you for your help. You excel in empathic ability and material plane creation and manifestation so we are sending you to Earth To find out who was the one to sabotage the mission. We know they fled to earth in physical form to the year 1988.

This will be your first mission and it is a very important one. We have decided to graduate and promote you to Galaxian status. Your inception will take place at the next appropriate planetary alignment. You are ready and you are perfect for this task. You have one lunar cycle to prepare. Again I’m sorry this happened this way but I know you will rectify the situation, you are now Arcturus Galaxian.

…and so it begins, the story of Arcturus Galaxian.

Thank you for reading and tune in next week to find out what happens next.

2 thoughts on “✨Arcturus Galaxian✨1:1💫 Remember who you are…

  1. This is quite captivating Jim! The preface & introductory lead in as a baseline for the series is remarkable. I am looking forward to reading more and it piques the curiosity to want to delve deeper into the lives of these guardians of the time / energy. Thank you for sharing!!! This series is going to be HUGE. ❤ ❤ 🙂


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