the Facebook theory…

What is this Facebook? Why do we post all of our activities and feelings, our good times and bad times, random thoughts and jokes and complaints? For some reason, we have a need to connect with others, not just people we know but sometimes we are reaching out to anyone that will listen or maybe someone who needs to hear what we have to say. We connect and make plans, talk to loved ones that are far away who we may not have the opportunity to see otherwise.

We do business and make groups for healing or help. Some spend lots of time on Facebook or on the computer in general. Is it enhancing life or interrupting it? I suppose like anything else there can be too much or just enough.

As we know its called Social media. All is revealed to all who will look unless of course, you have someone blocked or have a private profile. Its quite similar to life but just on a little tv screen. Is it life? it represents our lives in cyberspace. So to take a similar comparison, Facebook is to “life” like life is to the next closest realm of spirit. I feel our physical life is a representation of our energetic “world” that exists on another plane. We can be open to all others in life or block a few particular people or have a completely “private profile”. to me its like a fractal pattern and it has been getting more and more complex each stage preparing us for the next. So my question is… what’s next? or what is waiting for us to realize its existence?

This may sound crazy or far out but a lot of things sound that way the first time you hear them until one day its commonplace. Imagine explaining the internet or cell phones or airplanes to someone in the 1600’s.. it would sound just as crazy.

I’m just trying to express the world I see in a way that might make sense to someone who is trying to understand and experience new things, real things, …like I am.

Isn’t that also what Facebook is for..?

Maybe this should have stayed in my brain… What do you think? too much..? …lol … 😉

One thought on “the Facebook theory…

  1. Interesting concept / perspective Jim !!! This is one of those things that causes people to stop and think for a few moments– that is if they can part with their screen or gadget for just a little whiie. 🙂 Thank you for always sharing the genuine & unique. ❤


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