✨Arcturus Galaxian✨1:2💫 A new beginning

The Earth moon is completing its cycle and Arcturus Galaxian is in a deep meditation, the final preparation for his inception on the physical Earth plane.

The master elders have chosen his status and his life pathway perfectly to be directly on the trail of the perpetrator but it will be up to Arcturus to navigate his life and fulfill his mission only after being born in a world designed to confuse and hide the truth of existence.

He will first need to find the clues left by his commander to awaken his full potential and then begin his mission to find the saboteur who destroyed the peaceful starship Axion and siphoned the energetic light flow of his classmates.

The moment is upon him, where he releases all attachment and conscious memories of the astral plane. He envisions being encapsulated in a physical body and drops from a soul level to the physical plane. In the very next moment he has no memory of where he has come from and breathes life into a physical human body.

His mother and father have no idea who they have manifested into their lives at this moment however they are perfect for the conscious development of someone such as Arcturus. They are kind loving people who have not fallin prey to the typical cultural conditions. He is an indigo crystal child in this life and his name will now be James Freeman.

One thought on “✨Arcturus Galaxian✨1:2💫 A new beginning

  1. Intriguing indeed !!! Your words leave the reader wanting more, drawing us curiously into this mysterious world of the beyond, defying the natural senses, and to dig deeper and come closer for an insiders point of view. Thank you for sharing as this series unfolds week by week. ❤ 🙂

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