I’m a satellite…

astronaut astronomy cosmonaut galaxy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m a satellite, I’m a meteorite.

It’s early in the morning and I’m clicking like, on all of the photos that you took the other night.

I hoped love was like riding a bike, but I keep falling off and wondering if I’m alright.

I’m like a monsoon in your blue lagoon.

I’m a witness to your fitness as my heart plays a tune. Your smile gets me higher than a hot air balloon.

if somethings gonna happen, lets make it happen soon. I’m running out of time on this heavenly moon.

I’m like a starry sky at night, far away, burning bright,

ready to take flight at dawns early light. But pale in comparison to your sparkling light.

Whenever you’re around I’m trying hard to play it cool, so if you think I don’t notice you, it’s because I’m a fool. I feel how I feel but I won’t break the rules. Patient as a chopping block but running out of fuel.


One thought on “I’m a satellite…

  1. Great writing!! Aren’t we all somewhat satellites in orbit, on our path to connect to and communicate with the proper frequencies in / of Universe that guides and propels us deeper into the channels of Divine Purpose — profoundly unique to each being in the vastness of existance….

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